Co Workers Birthday Cards and Party Ideas

Published: 25th May 2008
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Everything I know, I learned, after I felt the thirst! Yes, guessed right... I feel almost exactly like Georges Benjamin Clemenceau - the famous French statesman. It was not until I was a 22-years old woman when I showed my urge to celebrate my birthday day after I became an adult. It was the first time I remember, I celebrated my adulthood birthday and I came to know how much different it was from celebrating a kid's birthday. It is obviously -- that everybody knows! But what was really memorable in my party, was the way my colleagues came up in a very unique way.

If you are planning to throw a birthday party or if you are invited in your co-worker's birthday party, this article on co-worker's birthday party ideas might come to a great help for you to create a perfect bash. Starting from the decoration to food recipe and birthday gift ideas, things are all entirely different from the way we celebrate birthdays of our brothers, kids and other family members.

Let's start off with the Birthday Invitation

The first impression is the last impression - this is what I believe in. So when it comes to invitation it must hold the right spirit of the party. You can make your own birthday invitation card, if you have ideas. But that would claim a lot of your precious time and no one can afford to invest time out of the daily hectic schedule of life. Why do so, when there are loads of awesome online birthday invitation cards to let your co-workers know that you are ready to chill the drink. Some of them are absolutely free! Picking the right one is all you need to do. Remember that calling over your peeps and inviting your colleagues on your birthday party are different. The co worker birthday cards are different in their style too.

Your Birthday Menu For Your Co-workers

This is again another significant aspect to spare a thought on. Cake is an obvious item to be included in the menu. But you would also want to delight your special guests with some really special dishes. Remember that this is your birthday party where you have invited your colleagues and co workers. The choice of food must match the age group and mood. It all depends on the type of guests invited and your choice too. But don't forget to include drinks! So go ahead and have fun to the full swing and if you haven't yet tried Budweiser or Johnnie Walker in your birthday party, it's the right time to strike your guests with a shriek of surprise with big treats like these! So just keep walking with Johnnie Walker and make your guests rock around with the beats. Try to create a sexy atmosphere with great music and a good bar. Doesn't matter whether you keep a smart bartender - self help would be more appreciated!

Co worker Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are invited in your colleague's birthday party, the first thing that might strike your mind is the birthday gift. This is one really toughest decision to make for some people. If your colleague is a beer drinking champion, you can delight him or her with a beer sampler pack. There is no better way you can reach out to him or her than by giving a gorgeous 6-pack sampler of California Microbrews that come in 12 ounce bottles each. This will surely be a fantastic birthday gift and will keep your colleague warm around the campfire immediately after the party will be over.
Any other gift may be fine if that matches the aura of his or her personality. Pick something that will add some "mojo" back into your office. A dollar-sign paperweight, gold push-pins and personalized mouse pad may put smile on his or her face.

Dorothy Smith, the author of this article, writes about the events & special occasions. Want to know more about birthday party ideas or co worker birthday cards ? Celebrate Birthday by sending free birthday cards and other related ecards .

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